Top 10

Lori Telschow

Oostburg, WI
Sheboygan North High School has something unique and special. It is a lady who not only serves her students in room 257 but also is an active member in her hometown and her community. This special lady is Lori T. With her energy and enthusiasm, Mrs. T. radiates a joy for life that is passed on to her students. You don't see every teacher doing cartwheels down the hallway on Homecoming, being a nerd for freshmen orientation, or smiling every day. With her fun-loving spirit, she inspired her classroom to purchased gifts for needy families during the Christmas season (her class was featured on the Oprah Winfrey "Spirit-Sharing" show), she initiated and advises Raiders Against Drugs and Alcohol (RADA), created the new freshmen transition team - Blue Crew, and developed/created a new class called Sports Literature.

Her biggest contribution at North, however, is the fifteen years she put her heart and soul into Expo and built it into the successful community event it is today. Mrs. T. creates the best learning opportunities by developing genuine relationships with every student, which resulted in her receiving the Herb Kohl Fellowship Award. She is a compassionate teacher who wants her students to succeed, not only in the classroom, but also in life. With that mindset, she understands that students have extenuating circumstances invading their lives. Recently, she had a student who lost her home in a fire. Mrs. T. immediately searched for clothes for the family. In a conversation, the girl told Mrs. T., "I don't know where I would be without you. When I don't think I'm going to make it in life...then I think of you and I know you believe in me." This is one example of Mrs. T. going beyond the classroom to make sure her students get more than just an education.

In the community, Mrs. T. always strives to give back by being an active member in her church as an assistant minister, confirmation mentor, and youth group leader. In her children's school district, she served as United Way Chairman, Long-Range Planning Committee, and created the Lady Dutch Booster Club wherein she was president for ten years. Mrs. T. is a very unselfish and admirable individual who will do what it takes to help with her school and her community. Her positive contributions have greatly enhanced every aspect of the environment she is a part of. She serves as a role model and teacher to all. It has been said that to get something done, find a busy person and it will happen. Mrs. T. emulates that saying by putting ideas into action and reaching completion.

It is with honor that I nominate Mrs. T. for the Johnsonville Best Of US. Not only is she a team player, willing volunteer, inspiring teacher, active community member, but she is also the best mom a daughter could ask for. She has inspired me to be a teacher and follow in her footsteps to create the future of our nation.