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Melinda Strickland

Rome, GA
Dr. S. is the principal of the Floyd County Education Center and PLC - Performance Learning Center where students from Floyd County can come to either catch up on classes or complete their diploma. These are students who are overage for middle school or have been in trouble, dropped out, become pregnant or a parent....those that just could not make it in the regular classroom and would end up being a liability to society.

Thanks to Dr. S., these students not only succeed, they go to work, they join the armed forces, and they love doing service learning, some graduate early and start technical college. And they all come back to see her because she made the difference in their lives. This woman not only sets an example for these students but they want to be role models for others in the school, in their families, in their communities. Unfortunately, due to major budget cuts and lack of funding from the state, this school will not exist next year....which will be devastating to the students and our surrounding communities. I just want to share how this wonderful woman has changed so many lives. By the way, her students won 1st place in the national video contest for alternative education.