1ST Place

Robert "Bob" Tyrrell

Salt Lake City, UT
“A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, touches a heart and shapes the future.”

As a high school teacher for 42 years, Bob T. has done all of the things in the quote above and it is my pleasure to nominate him for this prestigious “Johnsonville Best of Us” Education award.

Over 50 languages are spoken by the students in the inner city school where Bob teaches. Although he can’t speak their language, students flock to his classes because everyone understands the language of love and caring that Bob speaks.

Bob has the respect and appreciation of his students, parents, colleagues, and administrators.

A former principal said, “Many troubled teens have been administratively placed in Mr. T.’s programs because they need someone to love them and to teach them that they have worth. I know for a certainty that he has salvaged and redirected many students that were bent on dropping out”.

A parent explains, “Bob teaches students how to be successful in life, how to stand for what is right and how to have courage if standing alone. Bob has taught all of my 10 children. They left high school more than 20 years ago and Bob still maintains a trusting and loyal friendship with them.” Another parent, said, “While Mr. T. has excellence in his chosen field of teaching, I feel he has even greater talent in inspiring students to dedicated accomplishment, personal achievement, hard work ethic and high standards of personal behavior.

One of Bob’s student teachers says that, “The time spent learning under his direction has been the most beneficial experience I have had in my teaching career. Not a day that goes by I don’t try to emulate him in my teaching.

Bob developed an award winning multimedia education program that has served as a model for other programs across the nation. As a successful track coach for 32 years Bob not only coached athletes from his school, but he also coached athletes from other schools.

Bob’s 1985 Chevy truck is known as the “Neighborhood truck”. Bob's often found helping people move, making trips to the dump, carrying loads of firewood and assisting neighbors in many ways.

As a lay clergyman for 6 years, Bob counseled many people with addictions and other serious problems. He was involved with the“House of Hope,” a center for women that have just been released from prison.

Bob has been a Boy Scout leader for many years and he exemplifies their standards by “Doing a good turn daily and doing his duty to God and country.”

By helping with service projects like making hygiene kits for victims of natural disasters and school kits for children in Africa, Bob has helped make a difference throughout the world.

As a teacher for 42 years, a neighbor, a friend, a father, a grandfather and my husband, I know that Bob is truly one of “The Best Of US!”