Top 10

Christopher Schroeder

Brighton, MA
Chris is a catalyst for the positive social change that the next generation of young leaders in Boston need today. In light of a devastating tragedy that has shaken our community at large, it is people like Chris who ensure that young people have the strong mentorship and commitment to empower them to be active and positive citizens in their community.

Chris does this through his passion of the arts. As a classically trained freelance musician (in both trumpet and as a bass baritone) and educator, he inspires young musicians to take an active role to support their personal growth through character building experiences; Instilling within them perseverance, focus and passion, traits that transcend the musical contexts and empower them to be contributing members in their community.

Chris currently serves in various capacities at three music programs throughout the Greater Boston community: Conservatory Lab Charter School in Brighton, The North End Music Performing Arts Center in the North End, and Keys for Kids in Lexington. He repeatedly goes above and beyond and serves as an advocate in the Boston community to raise awareness and engage others to invest in youth through the arts. For example, he recently worked together with Reverb to raise awareness with concert goers to a Jason Mraz concert.

Through his work with diverse socioeconomic student populations, Chris integrates experiential learning methods and unique performance opportunities that give students a sense of pride in community and ownership of their role within supporting the arts, but more importantly in their role in contributing to their respective neighborhoods. Chris is invested in the dreams that his young students share and is the unsung hero behind the scenes making sure that they are always the best versions of themselves. He is the best of the best and an authentic and humble representation of what all those who work with youth should embody.