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Medal of Honor Host City Program

Gainesville , TX
It shall be the privilege and responsibility of the City of Gainesville, Texas to welcome our Nation's Medal of Honor Recipients at every opportunity.

In so doing we pay homage to the principles which the Medal of Honor represents; Duty, Honor, Country. Our program invites Medal of Honor Recipients to Gainesville yearly. All of the Recipients expenses are paid for by the Host City in return we ask that all Recipients speak to our youth in area schools. The program dedicates trees to all the Recipients, provides a community fish fry and a final banquet on Friday evening in honor of our heroes, along with many other activities throughout the four day event. On Saturday the Host City engages all residents to get one last look at these Heroes during the two mile long parade in our wonderful downtown square. The visit is finalized by a book signing event which is open to the public.

This year we are hosting 14 Medal of Honor Recipients in our city of Gainesville, Texas. In honor of their presence to our city we offer them a token of our appreciation by planting a tree on our Home Grown Hero walking trail.

The goal of the Medal of Honor Host City Program is to build a park that honors our Medal of Honor Recipients and recognizes Gainesville as the only Medal of Honor Host City in America. A granite monument and water feature will be the center attractions. It will be a place where anyone can go to remember those who bravely served our country in the environment of beautiful gardens, landscaping and park benches.

This gateway into the city will remind everyone that Gainesville, Texas is the Most Patriotic Small Town in the America!

In order to start construction on the park, our Medal of Honor Host City Program needs additional funding. Based on all the out flowing show of support to our Program and to the Congressional Medal of honor Recipients, we are confident we can raise the remaining funds.

There is no place in America where patriotism shines as bright as Gainesville, Texas.