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Fond du Lac, WI
The annual CELEBRATE commUNITY event is sponsored by United for Diversity and scheduled for the third Saturday in February. It is an exciting day of cultural immersion attended by 1,500 community members. The focus of the day is for families and children, although adults also have activities to awaken them to the benefit and pleasure of interacting with those of other cultures, religions and abilities.

Clubs inform the attendees of the many multicultural opportunities. A variety of ethnic food is served without charge. Many barrier breaking games, crafts and activities continue throughout the day for children and adults. Being shoulder-to-shoulder and eye-to-eye results in a long lived positive experience for all who participate.

The event begins with an inspiring Flag Ceremony and welcome from the Native American Elders. Countries from around the world are represented by at least 40 different ethnic groups hosting booths. A variety of entertainers demonstrate the joy of the universal language of music and dance. Because of the excellence of the Booth Host exhibits and the entertainment, those who attend truly enjoy and appreciate others of different ethnic backgrounds and cultures. This shows those who are new in our community that those who preceded them had an interesting and admirable history. This also allows the established members of our community to learn and admire those who are new and respect them for their individuality. The event not only promotes acceptance in Fond du Lac of people of all cultures but also educates and maintains the pride of the new generations in the heritage of their elders.

The mobility of society often distances people from their roots. The task of CELEBRATE commUNITY is to reverse that trend. Both new members and the established members learn about, admire and accept each other. That is a way for DIVERSITY to become UNITY !!