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Dundalk Heritage Fair

Baltimore, MD
Dundalk Heritage Fair is a three day celebration that kicks off the Independence Day weekend and brings our whole community together. There is a parade on the morning July 4th, fireworks at night and the Dundalk Heritage Fair Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Families who had moved out of state always come back to the community for this wonderful celebration. The fair brings young and old together for three days of celebrating our pride in our community and our country. There is great entertainment both local and worldwide, great food, crafts, a petting zoo and more.

This year’s entertainment features Jefferson Starship, Three Dog Night and the Mohoney Brothers. When you make your way around the fair you undoubtedly run into people you have not seen in years, people you grew up with but have lost touch with, students, teachers, grandparents and new babies. Our local boy scouts set up camp in one corner of the fair. It is just a wonderful celebration!