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Burkburnett Volunteer Fire Department

Burkburnett / Wichita, TX
The Burkburnett Volunteer Fire Department is one of the “Best of Us” because it demonstrates pride and teamwork, the things that have made this country exceptional and makes this department exceptional! The department’s zeal and enthusiasm in its performance of its duties is what makes it one of the top departments for professionalism and training in our region. We are a thirty member team, 100% volunteer, that emphasizes education and hands-on skills training to better deal with various emergency situations more effectively and confidently. We have developed our own training academy to equip our cadets with the skills set to keep them safe as they work. We conduct the training academy for our rookies to enhance their abilities and are putting together a training facility to further hone the skills of our rookies as well as all our firefighters. We also have some of the most advanced wildland specialists in the area. With our community located in an area of “exceptional drought” classification it is important for us to conserve as much water as possible. The skills that our specialists have learned allow us to control wildfires by back burning into a fire to eliminate its fuel thereby killing the fire with limited water usage. Few volunteer departments have the capability, training and knowledge to conduct such operations. Our specialists are also part of a “Strike Team” available for deployment to any area of our state that they might be needed. They are also active in training members of other area departments in wildland fire suppression when requested. Most of our firefighters are currently Emergency Medical Technicians and work with our six paramedics to respond to medical calls out in the county. We are currently working on establishing our own trainers in our department to the end that EMT training can be done “in house” by our own personnel instead of going through other agencies. We are involved in our community in other ways with fire prevention programs such as home or business fire inspections as requested and school fire prevention programs featuring trading cards with action photos and fire safety tips for students. We conduct Operation Santa Clause for less fortunate kids in our community at Christmas time and hold an Easter Egg Hunt each spring for the children of our community. All of this is made possible through the pride we have in our department and the teamwork demonstrated in all that has been accomplished by a volunteer department of our size. Our members selflessly devote their time and resources to the protection and safety of Burkburnett citizens. This is why the Burkburnett Volunteer Fire Department stands out and is among the “Best of Us”!