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North Catawba Fire-Rescue

Lenoir/Caldwell, NC
North Catawba Fire-Rescue is located in the rural part of Caldwell County, North Carolina. This department is very community-oriented. They have given hundreds of free smoke detectors to families and sold shirts to promote breast cancer awareness. Each year, North Catawba Fire-Rescue holds an open house to promote safety and awareness about the fire department, providing food and freebies. This department is a safe place to go trick-or-treating or enjoy an Easter egg hunt. Each Christmas the firefighters collect money to help needy families. These firefighters go to the local elementary school as well as area churches to help the children learn that firefighters are their friend, by putting on puppet shows and letting the children investigate the fire trucks. They help with book bag drives each new school year. A safety trailer/command post was purchased so each child can go through a mock house that fills up with smoke, teaching that they don’t have to panic if their house catches fire. The trailer can also simulate severe weather by shaking the shades and thundering. Firefighters have stuffed animals on their trucks to hand out to little children that need something special to hang on to during a difficult situation. The command post is used throughout the county for long-term fires, and situations where a remote command center is needed. Last fall, North Catawba Fire-Rescue housed the New York Fire Truck touring the nation in memory of 9/11, called Project Remembrance. They then took the truck to the local school, raising awareness to elementary students that weren’t yet born when 9/11 took place. Out of 13 fire departments in Caldwell County, North Catawba Fire-Rescue has the only Hazmat Equipment and so they respond to any county hazmat events if needed. They are also the only fire department in the county with a paramedic on staff 24 hours a day to provide advance life support. The local community college uses North Catawba’s grounds and equipment for law enforcement training, which promotes goodwill and togetherness. North Catawba Fire-Rescue was the first in the county to develop an ATV Rescue Team. They also have a Dive Team, a Land Search Team and a Swift Water Rescue Team. This is all in addition to firefighting, vehicle rescue and medical calls. America is a country that helps other countries in a giving and loving way. North Catawba Fire-Rescue shows examples of this every day. North Catawba Fire-Rescue has a reputation across the state of North Carolina for going beyond the call of duty to help any emergency agency with personnel or equipment.