1ST Place

Robert "Bob" Tyrrell

Salt Lake City, UT
“A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, touches a heart and shapes the future.”

As a high school teacher for 42 years, Bob T. has done all of the things in the quote above and it is my pleasure to nominate him for this prestigious “Johnsonvi...
Top 10

Cynthia Reichenthaler

Huntington Beach, CA
Cindy R. is a highly qualified teaching professional. For over 20+ years, on a daily basis, Cindy has made a difference in the lives of her students, helping them to grow and mature, becoming self-confident students.

Cindy has taught 2nd, 3rd and...
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Lori Telschow

Oostburg, WI
Sheboygan North High School has something unique and special. It is a lady who not only serves her students in room 257 but also is an active member in her hometown and her community. This special lady is Lori T. With her energy and enthusiasm, Mrs. ...
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Kristina Vantassel

Marshfield, WI
Kristi promotes student success by creating lessons that help make learning math content memorable. Recently, Kristi worked with a local musician to create five math songs. Once completed, she created visuals for the songs. She also allows the stu...
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Barbara Weber

Cheektowaga, NY
Mrs. Barbara W., a long time teacher for the Cleveland Hill Schools District, deserves your Best of US Educator award!

The nightmare. The phone call that says "your sister's been in an accident. You need to come now!" Immediately, worlds crumble...
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Margie Clevenger

Bowling Green, KY
When Margie C.’s students are asked why she is a good teacher, you’re likely to hear “she cares” or “she believes in me”. When you ask anyone else why she’s a good teacher, you’ll hear “She’s the most passionate about what she doe...
Top 10
Dr. S. is the principal of the Floyd County Education Center and PLC - Performance Learning Center where students from Floyd County can come to either catch up on classes or complete their diploma. These are students who are overage for middle school...
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Lisa Runyon

Carrollton, TX
I'm nominating Mrs. Lisa R. as "Best of US" Educator. She is an amazing teacher going well beyond the basic curriculum. Her job is already more challenging than most teachers, in that she teaches an advanced level of gifted & talented children who ...
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Danielle Wilkins

Orland Park , IL
Captivated, entertained, and inspired – are just a few words to describe the children participating in Danielle W.’s physical education class. Motivating children to stay active is increasingly difficult in a time when video games and television ...
Top 10

Christopher Schroeder

Brighton, MA
Chris is a catalyst for the positive social change that the next generation of young leaders in Boston need today. In light of a devastating tragedy that has shaken our community at large, it is people like Chris who ensure that young people have the...